Saturday, September 27, 2014

Damage Repairing and Rehydrating Leave In Treatment by Kiehl's

It seems like the last months i have too many products to try for my hair, something which makes me really happy! The product i will talk to you about in this post comes from Kiehl's and is a leave in treatment for damaged hair. I got it after my holidays from Passion For Brands, for which i have to thank them, and i have been using it for about a month now so me and my hair have a more in depth opinion about it!

My hair right now need the most of my attention and care. I try to grow them long and the fact that they are thin in general doesn't make it that easy. So in order for them to look healthy and nice i try my best for their are by using different products (i mentioned several in previous posts that they are my hair's best friends right now!). Among those products the last month is the Damage Repairing and Rehydrating Leave in Treatment from Kiehl's, which i use almost every day and has been one of my favorites. It is the first time i try a hair product from Kiehl's (you know already my love for their beauty products) and i have to say this one is pretty good!

This product promises to strength hair and repair any damage caused by chemical processing, heat styling or physical stress, by restoring moisture and smoothing the fibers making them stronger every day. It combines Moringa Tree Oil, hydrating Hyaluronic and Ceramides, it is free of parabens and is easy to use, since you don't need to wash it!

I normally add 2-3 pumps to my hands and go through with them to towel dry hair after shower every evening. Afterwards i comb my hair with a brush so that the product is spread everywhere. From the first use i noticed that my hair felt smooth and easy to comb and after the first week of every day use they looked stronger, since less fibers were breaking during combing. By now, my hair are shinny, way more strong and the fibers are thicker, with less split ends.

Apart from the way that my hair look, i like their smell with this product, which is discreet but exotic due to the Moringa Tree Oil and most of all the fact that they feel light, not greasy and with less frizzing. I guess using this product for a longer period will just make them even better so for sure i will keep going fast through the bottle of this miracle treatment and definitely get a new one once is over! My hair seem to have fallen in love with Kiehl's!

If you want to pamper and nourish your damaged hair then have a look at one of the Kiehl's stores close to you or in their webpage for the Damaging Repairing and Rehydrating line, which apart of the leave in treatment consists also of a shampoo and conditioner, promising to take best care of your hair!


  1. Defenitly gonna have to try this out!!! Would love it if you could leave a comment on my blog and follow beaut -

    1. It is a great product! Thanks for stopping by and of course i will come over your blog! Hope to see you around! :)