Monday, March 02, 2015

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Collection: clearly is here to correct every flaw in your skin

Testing new skin care products is always fun...testing new skin care products from your favorite brand especially in a period that your skin definitely needs a boost is great! So when i received a package from Passion For Brands with several products from Kiehl's to try then me, my skin and i were all very very excited!!!

The package arrived unexpectedly one evening two weeks ago and consisted of the new Precision Lifting and Pore-Tightening Concentrate (a post exclusively for that will follow soon) and 3 products from the Clearly Corrective Collection, which i will present to you in this small review! Let's begin!!

The Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Collection consists of several products that promise to reveal a more radiant and luminous skin, even the skin tone and correct any dark spots in it. All the collection products have no parabens, silicons and fragrance and they way they work is simple and effective.

They contain three key ingredients that work harmonically together. First is Active C, a stable water soluble ingredient that keeps its efficacy during time and that once in the Clearly Corrective works in the skin with 4 different ways to eliminate dark spots and discolorations. It is preventing clusters that will lead to dark spot formation, is decreasing melanin formation, is detecting the transfer of melanin to the skin surface and is breaking up existing melanin clusters. Together with Active C, the second ingredient Peony Extract prevents future dark sport formation and discoloration and the last main ingredient White Birch Extract with its healing properties increases skin clarity and luminosity.

From the Clearly Corrective Collection i had the chance to try 3 products and i already enjoy them a lot since they actually started to make my skin looking better and healthier!

Purifying Foaming Cleanser : a gentle foamy cleanser that removes the makeup and any everyday residues of the skin without stripping it. It can be used day and night so that your skin gets clear and happy. I like the smell and the texture of the cleanser and i use a small amount every morning to clear my face, leaving it fresh and prepared for my make up. In the night i use it in combination with other Clearly Corrective products.

Skin Brightening Exfoliator : it cleans and exfoliated pores in order to minimize any skin imperfections, redness and dullness so that the skin looks brighter. It also helps restore skin's moisture level and keep it balanced. For me is my personal favorite...i adore it and i am so happy i got to try it! I use it in the evening during shower after i clean my face with the Purifying Foaming Cleanser and oh dear it is a hell of exfoliator. A tiny amount is enough to produce a nice foam that spreads all over my face. And when i rinse it then i instantly feel my skin clean, moisturized, smooth and refreshed. Just perfect! And it works in rough skin also since my boyfriend got to tried it (with his beard and irritated skin) and now he keeps asking for more...!

Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30 : a dark circle eye cream / concealer that promises to correct any darkness and is full of Vitamin C to take care of the eye area and any pigmentation and caffeine that will increase the blood flow on the eye area and decrease any puffiness. I really like the texture which is thick but easy to apply and the fact that once applied it moisturizes my skin while acting like a concealer hiding my awful dark eye circles. I use a small amount under my foundation or even alone without any makeup and i noticed that my face is instantly brighter, fresh and protected from the sun (SPF 30)! Bye bye dark eye circles...

I recommend you to try the Clearly Corrective Collection by Kiehl's since even using the products separately will make a difference...imagine following the proper routine of the Clearly Corrective what will do...miracles! That is why i will definitely add the rest of the products in my collection and make them an important part of my skin care routine!

The whole Clearly Collective Collection (Dark Spot Solution, Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Clarity-Activating Toner, Purifying Foaming Cleanser and Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream) will be a available in April, while the Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30 can be found from end of February in the Kiehl's shops in Switzerland. Until then have a look at for more of Kiehl's products and you won't regreat it! The variety is great and their products are just exceptional (i am a huge fan but i also got into that my boyfriend who now loves them!!)!

Till the next post take care of yourself and your skin!

** I want to thank Passion For Brands and Kiehl's Switzerland for providing me those products to try. The opinions stated here are solely mine and represent my view on the products.

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