Tuesday, December 01, 2015

December Giveaways for all of you!

Today is the 1st of December and we are counting down for Christmas and New Year's and holidays and of course shopping for us and our loved ones!! This year i want to spoil you so i decided to throw some giveaways throughout the whole month of December! I will be having small giveaways per week for all of you here in the blog and they will be things that you can use and enjoy, beauty and not related!!

The general rules of each giveaway are simple and they will be mentioned in each individual giveaway post! In order to be nice and play fare i will write them also here...So let's see:

1) Giveaways are international : you can participate from everywhere you are!:)

2) Start of giveaway and duration : giveaways will be starting and finishing as stated in the giveaway post and all times will be Central European Time (i am in Bern Switzerland so that will be the time!)!

3) What to do to participate : i am using Rafflecopter (www.rafflecopter.com) to host my giveaways and each time you can find the entering prerequisites in the giveaway post on my blog. Just to make it simple you will have 1 mandatory step for minimum participation and further options to make your participation more strong.

4) Winner announcement : once all the giveaways are closed the winners will be selected randomly on January (specific day will be announced with a new post in the blog earlier). For been eligible to participate all the steps you have to follow will be checked first. The winners will be announced in each giveaway post and will be of course informed by me!

5) Sending the presents : each winner will be contact by me for further information by email once they are announced. If there is no further communication with the winner after a specific time then a next one will be chosen for the respective giveaway.

As for the presents are bought from me to you!!! 

Those are the rules...i guess they are simple and clear and in case not then i am more than happy to give you any other information you need! I hope to see you all around and spread the joy of Christmas to all of you with my small but useful presents full of love!!!

So stay tuned for the series of giveaways that they start tomorrow!!!!!

Till next time be happy and let's have a December full of gifts!!


  1. Thank you so much for these giveaways
    You have a wonderful blog, it's so inspiring