Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bellflower, Tangerine and Pink Pepper Fragrance by Korres

New post after quite a while and today it is a small review about a favorite fragrance of mine since January, the Bellflower Tangerine and Pink Pepper by Korres. Although i am familiar with the Korres products and it is among my favorite companies, it is the first time i try one of their fragrances and i really enjoy it! And i like even more Korres products since they started from Greece and they are natural all the way! So let's meet this peculiar fragrance that stole my heart! 

I got it as a Christmas present and it came just at the right time, since i was looking for a new fragrance to wear the next months. It came together with the body milk in a nice gift box and since then it has been my go to fragrance almost everyday!

First thing that drew my attention was the small bottle of a nice light pink color that came in and then it was the fragrance itself. It is fruity, flowery and spicy at the same time and all that gives you a very warm feeling, something you definitely ask from a winter fragrance. There are discrete tones of bellflower, white musk, iris and tea, more prominent tones of the seasonal fruits tangerine and bergamot but what strikes you mostly is the spicy scent of pink pepper, cedarwood and cardamom. This combination just makes the fragrance stand out and be different from all the others and what makes me feel warm and cozy every time i wear it! The body lotion is exactly the same and if you decide to wear them together then be prepared for getting a scent nobody will forget.

Apart from all the great ingredients what i also like in this fragrance and body lotion is their quality! Korres is known to be a company that uses natural ingredients to make their products and avoid chemicals. But that doesn't mean less quality...Both products last for long and you need a small amount to use each time! 

If you want to try a winter fragrance and a body lotion that will mesmerize you and give you a bit of spiciness in your day then i recommend the Bellflower, Tangerine and Pink Pepper by Korres. For information about this or more products from Korres and where you can find them have a look at their website here !

Till the next time enjoy winter and stay warm! 


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